The Olmec was the 1st civilization in the Americas and seem to have set the blueprint for it in what is now called the Americas. Where did they come from? They are thought to have flourished circa 1500 BC. Were they completely indigenous? Were they in part Kerman? Were they in part Xi? Were they a part of a Kerma - Xia trade expedition? The famous Olmec colossal heads look to be that of a Nuba wrestler. The art looks very much like that of ancient Kerma but it also has a few xia and or xi similarities. The pyramids are remarkably similar to those of Kerma. I think the overwelming similarities between Kerma and Olmec in art burial practices,architecture, engineering and more leads me to think that there is great reason to investigate these 2 great civilizations. Perhaps the Kermans fearing eventual Egyptian takeover or after the fall ventured to a new land far away from Egypt.....Southern Mexico/Belize/Honduras/Guatemala.


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